#24: Video of Strava Segments Sydney North

Strava Segments 1 Sydney

If you are someone who likes to check Strava segments before the next ride, or someone who likes to explore new rides online before venturing out, you’ll be interested to see some reconnaissance videos I have put together and continue to grow in number.  It’s way better than clicking a thousand times through a Google map street view.

You can see and search all the segments I have recorded on Pinterest here

Or, check the map above, see the segments and follow the links below.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge
2. Battle Boulevard
3. Parriwi Rd
4. Taronga Zoo KOM
5. Monavale to Church Point
6. McCarrs Creek Rd
7. Bobbin Head West
8. Bobbin Head South
9. Wakehurst Parkway North
A. Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation
B. Wakehurst Parkway South
C. Pymble Hill
D. M2 Westbound
E. Lane Cove Cycleway

Hope you enjoy the videos.  Let me know if there are any segments you want added. I know I have to do Akuna Bay, West Head, Brooklyn and Berowra, and I am also have a set of bike paths and some Lower north Shore hills.


#17: Why do I ride? Good question.

RidingToday a friend asked “Why do I ride? What drives me on?” And he asked me this because he has seen me go from nothing to 160km a week and keep on doing it.

So I ask myself “why do I ride?” because I wasn’t sure I knew the answer.

I don’t race (although I am considering it) so I am not training for anything.

I don’t have any events planned. I first pushed hard to achieve a virtual goal of two consecutive days of 100km. I road 100kms on the Spring cycle and another 100 on the Sydney to Gong ride but by that time, I had already learnt to ride the distance. Since then I tick off personal bests on Strava and continue to do some long rides to keep the skill level up.

I don’t have any big goals. I achieved Continue reading

#11: You must try a community ride at least once

Spring Cycle 1

Today I road my first community ride and it was brilliant. If you are new to riding and are looking for some motivation, register for a ride further than you can ride now, train for the next couple of months and hit it enthusiastically.

I have planned for a long time to do the Sydney to Wollongong ride in November which is 90kms (50 miles) but today’s “Spring Cycle” ride of 100kms came up and I was ready, so I gave it a go.

The Spring Cycle starts north of Sydney and crosses over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge (they closed some lanes), and rides past Circular Quay and the Opera House along the freeway.  Then after rounding the botanical gardens the path heads back through the city and west along the Parramatta river to the Sydney Olympic Park, where the games were held in 2000.

It’s really awesome to ride on the city roads without cars, Continue reading