#2: This seat is hard. These clothes are uncomfortable. This hill is steep…..

GiantBikepic: It was something like this…..

So we had talked about it a couple of times and finally, I stirred up the courage to go and get it.  It was my brothers mountain bike that he was going to loan me for a month.

After he showed off his light weight racer and my nephews road bike, we went for a ride around the block. It was slow and laborious.  It took effort and I was quick to sweat. After a kilometre or so that was enough – I got the idea of what to do.

Back to his garage, a quick lesson on how to take the wheels off and on (which I should have paid more attention to because when I got home it took me an age to get the wheels on again). I then loaded the bike into the car, threw in the spare tube and the took kit, and gone…..

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