#16: NSW Grand Prix Cycling: Round 1 Cronulla

Renshaw, Morton, Ewan

Renshaw, Morton, Ewan

Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it. Other than not wearing sun block, getting fried and paying for it for the next two days, my baptism into watching professionals road race was a highlight and a joy.

Apart from going a lot faster the three things I really noticed were:
– by watching a criterium, you get the see the riders go past you many times
– their gear changes are mostly quick and smooth with an efficient clunk
– there is a definitively unique whirling sound that a peloton makes which is like a swarm of locusts

When the wife decided to go to the hair dresser, I jumped in the car and headed south to the shire where I grew up and to places I normally went with a surfboard, but this time Wanda and Elloura offered roads, and the waves were just the scenery. Continue reading