“Cycling: Better than Death”  So why the title?  Well, it’s simple really.

The only way I was going to stop smoking and live on past 50 was to find something that triggered the motivation for me to replace it – and cycling has become that. So I want to share the drive but also share what I have learnt because I am all in and there is so much more to the sport than just getting on a bike and riding.

With a bit of help from chocolate and coffee, I am beating the craving by keeping my mind, body and energy focused on advancement, and cycling has motivated my self.  Plus, I know that one cigarette will drag me back in and that means being detrimental to my riding.

I love being able to breath, to not have heart pains, to not cough all the time, to lose weight and to not have to hide my smoking habit which I had long concealed.

So if this bog inspires a smoker to change – fantastic.  If this blog lets a novice understand the journey they will begin by getting into cycling for health and entertainment – awesome.  If this blog helps me keep on my path – job done.

Please enjoy.



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