#23: Strava, Virb, Video, Segments, Pinterest

Road to Church Point

In post #18, “So what do I want for Christmas” I was torn between asking Santa for new Specialized road shoes or a Garmin Virb.  As you know I chose the shoes but the profound thing is they ended up being involved in me missing some time on the bike (that is I pinched a nerve in my foot) which I am happy to say is nearly all resolved due to refinements.

Now that I am on the bike again and getting out there, I am enjoying my new shoes and my new Garmin Virb – yeh!!!!   Yes, I couldn’t help myself and bought one with a bike mount for the handlebars and started taking video and pics like the one above on the road to Church Point.

My Garmin Virb

This year I have come to terms with the fact that racing is not where I am heading and that exploring on my bike is, so I have found the Virb is adding to that experience. In addition to me enjoying being out there on the road, appreciating the visual world I live in, feeling the wind in my face as it cools my sweat and having the time alone with my thoughts, I have now found a way to continue the ride when I get home.

As you may have noticed I really enjoy combining technology with riding.  My after ride ritual is loading up the Garmin 810 data in Strava and checking routes, seeing the pics from Instagram that I took and seeing if I improved on any segments.

Have you ever used Google street view and had to client through 100 clicks to see the road as if you were riding it?  I have so now I am starting to build a video library of rides and published them to Pinterest, each showing the Strava segment number and its details, and a video of the climb, descent or TT.

That way other explorers can get a feel for the hill or destination before they get there and see the elevation and gradient as the ride progresses.

Check them out here:  @cyclingBTD/Strava-Segments on Pinterest.

Pinterest Board

I started with Mosman NSW Australia which is where I live as it has some great hills and views, and I have started moving north to Manly and up the northern beaches.  After that, I will start to head out and do the segments in Sydney I have done before and also go and find some new ones.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you create your own Segments page on Pinterest and we’ll cross reference them or if you publish to YouTube, I can Pin them.

Virb with Gauges

If you need to know technically what I do, I load the videos from the Virb into Virb Edit on the PC, export at 720 to mp4 and then upload it to YouTube, then post the YouTube on Pinterest.  Be aware that some of the video exports can be 1/2Gb or more.

As a side note and for fun, I also like to edit a few videos and put them on Instagram @CyclingBTD

The road, it takes you places.


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