#19: 2013 was a year of change

La Perouse

It’s day 3 of 2014 and I sit here a bit frustrated. I have a sore throat and a flu of some nature, and that means spending four hours on my bike and breathing heavily is not really a good option, and its especially annoying that I’d planned a ride with an old mate today.

So I look at my gear that sits there waiting, I read some tweets about the cycling universe and as I stare out the window thinking that a cool summers day is a great day to ride, I reflect on what has been an interesting 12 months.

Seriously, I can’t believe the change that has come about through cycling since February 2013 and that after reviewing the stats (it’s my IT influence) I still get surprised. Since February 2013….

  • I rode 161 times, averaging 38kms (23mls) per ride of 103 minutes
  • Have ridden 5967 kms (3707 miles) in total
    That’s Sydney to Perth and 1/2 way back or New York to LA and 1/3 way back
  • My longest ride was 116kms (71 miles)
  • I reached 100km the first time after 5 months
  • My average calorie burn was 1098 cals per ride
  • and I have lost 11kg (24 lbs) in 9 months (yet I still eat some junk food)

It just astounds me that I can do this at 48 (which means basically anyone can) and comparing this year to last year, where I did nothing, sat on my ass and smoked heavily, it is a change that’s good – real good!


All I had to do was channel the wasted money and energy of smoking into getting on a bike and riding, and be committed to it because I knew that any cigarette I had could be easily return me to old ways and also meant the damage would go straight to my lungs and affect my riding.  The loss of weight was initially just a byproduct but now it also helps as a motivator.  I can still eat a lot of the rubbish food I enjoy but I know that I will soon burn it off again.

The highlight for me was easily the 100km Spring Ride which started at North Sydney, over the bridge, through the city and out to Homebush (the Olympic site) for 55kms and then 45ks around a criterium circuit. I was able to go flat stick, pushed hard all day and I felt at my peak.  Other significants were my first 100km ride, riding 2 consecutive 100km days, going to Wollongong and seeing the breadth and distance I have ridden on the Strava heat map.


So as I wrap up where I have been, I now consider where I am going. I peaked in strength before Christmas and now I am just happy to ride, be able to ride most places and to not be scared of hills.  Christmas has been disruptive and now this flu doesn’t help.

I wonder if I need to set some new goals.  130km ride, 160km ride or try some racing. Or do I just explore more, buy the Garmin Virb, take some pics, see the country and more of my city.

The good news is I have choices and the roads, they take me places!


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