#18: So what do I want for Christmas???

Xmas Choice

Let me check my list. I have……

  • Bike, peddles & shoes
  • Garmin with cadence sensor & heart rate monitor
  • Helmet, pump, under seat bag
  • Front and back lights
  • Shirts & undershirts
  • Pants & bib
  • Socks & gloves
  • Winter & wet weather wear
  • Peddle spanner, spare tubes & bike tool

Well that’s about it.  I think I have everything…. or do I?

Notably, every time I walk into a bike shop I look around and think – I could use that, and other than the head warmer which I haven’t warn because it didn’t get that cold, I have used everything I have bought.  This is good.

As a guide for the novice I have calculated that when you buy a bike, the amount you pay will be the same amount you pay for gear and accessories.  So, spend $500 on a bike, buy cheap or little gear.  Spend $1500 and you’ll start paying a bit more for stuff.  In reality, I have probably spent more because I have stayed at the quality level of the buying spectrum and not just going with the cheapest option. It’s also allegedly a bit of self indulgence (for a change).


The reality is I am dreaming of a carbon bike and after going on a Specialized “Test the Best” ride day, I have made my decision (for now) and it’s a Roubaix – except the one I choose won’t have electric gears because that’s a price jump I’m not ready for (although I have to say electric gears are so smooooooooth).

I digress.  After plenty of thought I realised that there are still two things I want, need, desire or lust for.

First is I don’t have enough money for the next bike, but I would like to get the new pedals and shoes that will go with it.  When I first started, I bought a pair of mountain bike shoes which were great because they clip in, I have worn them mountain biking and after (or during) the ride you can actually walk in them.  For example, I wore them on the train home after the Wollongong ride and they were quite comfortable. But Mountain Bike shoes aren’t road bike shoes and they definitely aren’t carbon.  So wish #1 is carbon bike shoes and new pedals to go with it.

The second desire caught my eye a few months ago when it was released and that is the Garmin Virb action camera. I am already totally enjoying my Garmin devices and now they have a camera that integrates with them.  The reason why this appeals is because I have really enjoyed the touring aspect of riding, taking pictures with Instagram that get displayed with my Strava recorded rides, that I upload from my Garmin.  It has really given me another motivation to ride as I explore and I would like to indulge in that more with video.

So what is it going to be?  Shoes or Camera??? Damm, I have wait two more days……

****** UPDATE 25th Dec *****

And the winner is – Shoes and Pedals. Practical over fun for now.  The motivation was my drive to do the miles on the road and getting ready for the next bike. But I will get that Virb camera.

ShoesAndPedalsNote: Pedals are not shown, only the box, because they are already on the bike and tested…. nice!


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