#12: Burn Calories, Eat Chocolate!

Cadbury's ChocolateI have to admit, one of the most fantastic benefits from cycling is the calorie burn because I ride in the morning and I can eat what I want at night.

For example, last Sunday I rode a 100kms (60miles) and burned approximately 2,680 calories which is around 11,200 kilojoules and 50% more than my suggested average intake of 7,000Kj a day.

This is why I have lost 10kg with only a slight change to my diet (I eat less strawberry iced donuts now).

To give up smoking I had to put something in it’s place at night and for me, its a coffee (homemade latte) after dinner around 9pm and around 8-10 pieces of chocolate around 10:30pm; an hour or so before sleep, every night, even if I am not riding the next day.

Eating chocolate is a sacrifice I am willing to take in order for me to be healthier, breath properly and live longer and for me, there is only one brand and type of chocolate and that’s Cadbury Dairymilk! Yummmmm!

Ride and Burn!



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