#12: Burn Calories, Eat Chocolate!

Cadbury's ChocolateI have to admit, one of the most fantastic benefits from cycling is the calorie burn because I ride in the morning and I can eat what I want at night.

For example, last Sunday I rode a 100kms (60miles) and burned approximately 2,680 calories which is around 11,200 kilojoules and 50% more than my suggested average intake of 7,000Kj a day.

This is why I have lost 10kg with only a slight change to my diet (I eat less strawberry iced donuts now).

To give up smoking I had to put something in it’s place at night and for me, its a coffee (homemade latte) after dinner around 9pm and around 8-10 pieces of chocolate around 10:30pm; an hour or so before sleep, every night, even if I am not riding the next day.

Eating chocolate is a sacrifice I am willing to take in order for me to be healthier, breath properly and live longer and for me, there is only one brand and type of chocolate and that’s Cadbury Dairymilk! Yummmmm!

Ride and Burn!



#11: You must try a community ride at least once

Spring Cycle 1

Today I road my first community ride and it was brilliant. If you are new to riding and are looking for some motivation, register for a ride further than you can ride now, train for the next couple of months and hit it enthusiastically.

I have planned for a long time to do the Sydney to Wollongong ride in November which is 90kms (50 miles) but today’s “Spring Cycle” ride of 100kms came up and I was ready, so I gave it a go.

The Spring Cycle starts north of Sydney and crosses over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge (they closed some lanes), and rides past Circular Quay and the Opera House along the freeway.  Then after rounding the botanical gardens the path heads back through the city and west along the Parramatta river to the Sydney Olympic Park, where the games were held in 2000.

It’s really awesome to ride on the city roads without cars, Continue reading

#10: It’s good to get stuck on a brand: Specialized


In my life, I have never really been much of a brand loyal person. I have had many car types, buy different brands of clothes and generally mix things up a lot.

The only brands my loyalty has stuck with all my life are the Cronulla Sharks which is the team I have followed since I was born and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) as I can’t seem get enough of their 11 secret herbs and spices.  In more recent times, after being an Apple disliker for so long I lined up and bought the first iPad on the day it was first released. Now I have about 8 Apple devices in the house but still refuse to buy a Mac.

These days, my feelings about brands are that things seem to be smoother when they are designed to work together. I think I learnt this most with Microsoft products, finding it simpler to use their products as they were tested together as apposed to using different browsers, word processors, etc that seemed to break too many times for me.

When I searched for a bike to buy, I stumbled on Specialized with no intent (see previous post). On further research I found they were everywhere in the world, have an extremely wide range of bikes, many superstars in their lineup and good write ups on the forums.

I then bought a Specialized bike and totally bought into the brand…. Continue reading

#9: How to buy a bike or How I buy a bike?

Specialized Secteur

Is it a spiritual experience choosing your first bike?  Does your bike choose you?  Are you just being sold to by a fast talking sales person?  Is it a decision of price, affordability and getting the cheapest?  Is it an internet purchase after doing your research? Is it a quality decision? Or a friends recommendation?

There are so many ways to decide and every story is different.  But I chose mine with the help of a sales staff (notice the plural) who helped me interpret price, quality and what I was thinking, and to me that was what was important.

I had never bought a bike before as my parents had always bought the few bikes that I had owned, but I did know how to buy something methodically so as usual I did.

When I started looking I had a reasonable amount of money to spend on a starter bike so I had already ruled out buying the bike online, from a discount store or a department store.

I wanted to get knowledge.  I wanted interaction.  I wanted to work out exactly what I needed based on what I wanted to do, my experience and my physical fitness.  I wanted service! And thankfully, I found a business that did just that.

Near my home, there are a number of bike shops.  I had been to 3.  A very small one, a larger one that also had an online business and a concept store. Continue reading